Young learners, their learning partners, parents, and teachers are the focus of REX’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) resources, represented by ECE’s brand, the LITTLE EXPLORERS. All ECE solutions are age-appropriate and anchored on the six developmental domains in the National Early Learning Framework (NELF) document of the country’s Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Council. These are the following:

1. Physical Health, Well-being, and Motor Development

2. Social–Emotional Development

3. Character and Values Development

4. Cognitive/Intellectual Development

5. Language Development

6. Aesthetic Development

Enjoy going through over 100 fun, stimulating, and engaging titles, designed to prepare early learners and ensure they maximize their learning opportunities before formal schooling.

According to UNICEF, “Quality pre-primary education is the foundation of a child’s journey: every stage of education that follows relies on its success. Yet, despite the proven and lifelong benefits, more than 175 million children nearly half of all pre-primary-age children globally are not enrolled in pre-primary education

Still in the words of UNICEF, “Every child deserves access to quality early childhood education.” REX believes in this statement and through the LITTLE EXPLORERS, REX contributes to solutions intended to benefit young learners, along with their parents, learning partners or companions, and teachers.


REX believes in the importance of ECE because it is integral to every child’s overall development and lifelong learning journey. According to UNESCO, “The period from birth to eight years old is one of remarkable brain development for children and represents a crucial window of opportunity for education. When children are healthy, safe, and learning well in their early years, they are better able to reach their full developmental potential as adults and participate effectively in economic, social, and civic life.”

UNICEF also highlights their Call to Action Statement: Early Childhood Education for All: “It is time for a world where all children enter school equipped with the skills they need to succeed.”

Therefore, the essentiality of ECE is a crucial investment for REX, recognizing that it is the foundation of every child’s education and REX’s answer to supporting ECE is the Little Explorers.

Don’t miss on these crucial developmental milestones. Early childhood education is vital for every whole child’s lifelong learning development—and REX has carefully crafted learning materials and resources to help every parent champion their child’s education.


Learning solutions carefully developed for young learners and their learning companions Including digital complements such as videos accessible via QR codes

INFANT TO TODDLER (0–2 years old)

Every child’s right to education begins at birth. From their wide-eyed looks, smiles, and more at 2 months to talking, walking, climbing, jumping, and running at 2 years of age, toddlers are not only bursting with curiosity and energy but also with questions as their vocabulary develops. They also start exploring their surroundings with much excitement and wonderment.

PRESCHOOL (3–5 years old)

Children of this age become more aware of themselves and their environment. They are even more curious and fascinated with their surroundings. Their emotional, intellectual, and social skills start to develop. They begin to interact with others and form relationships outside their family. Other milestones such as language, physical, and creative skills also develop during this period.



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