Schoology: The Breakthrough Classroom of the New Normal

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the education sector sought guidance on continuing learning despite limitations at home. Schoology by Rex Education emerged as a popular cloud-based LMS, enabling educators to create engaging content, teach lessons, and assess student performance in one platform. It offers user-friendly tools for creating instructional materials, shared resources like lessons and assignments, efficient grading features, and data analytics for tracking student progress.

Schoology’s strengths lie in its easy navigation, broader reach, and built-in collaboration feature, connecting users across the network for improved communication and sharing. It seamlessly integrates with various apps and systems and provides access to resources and discussions through its mobile application. As learning management systems gain significance, Schoology proves vital in managing, planning, and delivering the learning process. Even as schools return to face-to-face learning, the breakthroughs of online learning are likely to persist, with Schoology serving as a valuable tool to enhance educational strategies and accommodate more students.